2008-06-09 WMIC 2008 Abstract Accepted

張貼者:2008年6月8日 晚上8:11林昆儒   [ 已更新 2008年6月8日 晚上8:11 ]
WMIC 2008 Abstract Acceptance Notification
Accepted Abstract Control Number: 1027
Accepted Abstract Title: Volumetric and functional evaluation of liver regeneration for cirrhotic rats following portal vein ligation using 99mTc-DISIDA dynamic animal SPECT
Accepted Abstract Control Number: 759
Accepted Abstract Title: Monitoring Cranial Bone Repair by microCT in rats with Baculovirus-Transduced Mesenchymal Stem Cells Engineering
On June 23, then, you should be notified regarding your abstract's specific assignment: poster or oral presentation.