newest version of its Inveon Research Workplace (IRW 3.0)

張貼者:2009年6月16日 上午8:31林昆儒   [ 已更新 2009年6月16日 上午8:32 ]
Siemens Healthcare unveiled the newest version of its Inveon Research Workplace (IRW 3.0) software at the 2009 SNM meeting this week in Toronto. 

The new version provides Inveon users with an expanded set of tools for image visualization and data analysis, and new solutions for important applications incardiac PET imaging.

New features of IRW 3.0 included analysis of dual-gated dynamic PET data to carry out complex and demanding preclinical studies which are affected by cardiac and/or respiratory motion artifacts. In addition, the company said the software allows for quick and accurate high resolution image data export, representation and interpretation, while delivering features such as arbitrary image reorientation and image filtering. It also provides improved kinetic modeling and parametric analysis tools, according to Siemens.